Friday, 31 October 2008

Free download!

We're happy to announce that from November 1st, and for a three month period only, you'll be able to download our song, Wood, free of charge! The song has been included on the new FATEA showcase bandstand session along with tracks from other up and coming folk bands, known and not so known.

Enjoy and do please spread the word!

Andy xxx

Abbie Lathe

We played in the unfamiliar surroundings of Oxford's Jacqueline du Pre building last night, supporting the ever-lovely Abbie Lathe. A short set but an attentive and appreciative audience and a great sound. Colin and Jane had to work hard as they're in Abbie's band too...Thanks to everyone who came and to Abbie for having us.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Andy Letcher & Cliff Stapleton

I did a beautiful gig with Cliff Stapleton in the depths of Somerset at the weekend. In this side-project to the Bees we play bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy for French and Breton dancing (bourrees, schottisches, hanter dros, that sort of thing), a dronetastic pairing.

Cliff is an old hand at this having played with Blowzabella back in the early days and more recently with (the much missed) Primaeval. We've written all the tunes between us and we delight in simple tunes, played over and over so the music starts to get trancey. It's what people did before electrickery - organic trance on rasping instruments of hoof and horn. We played for at least two hours and still they were calling for more.

We were playing in someone's house, a converted studio loft, all decorated with greenery and drapes. Here's a photo of us setting up - you'll have to imagine the room full of dancers! We're playing again soon in Dorset - if I can find out where I'll post it up here.

Andy xxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Glastonbury gig

Here's some photos from our recent Glastonbury gig. We had a lovely time, great venue, great audience. Nathan runs a very fine acoustic evening with his Fabulous Furry Folk night, so if you're near Glasto we urge you to go.