Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The New Album!

We're happy to announce that the new album is finished and will be released on November 26th (available from our website, CD Baby, and the usual download outlets). It's called An English Arcanum and contains eleven original track of darkly crafted folk. We're pretty chuffed with it, I have to say.

It comes packaged with some stunning artwork by the wonderful Rima Staines, and to whet your appetite, here's the front cover. We'll keep you posted about gigs etc, though as you know, we're lying low while Josie adjusts to being a mother!

More soon,

Andy xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Shindig Magazine

Lovers of all things psych, prog, esoteric, wyrrd and folky could do worse than check out Shindig Magazine, available in all good shops etc etc. I love their dedication to a musical cause that I thought had long been crushed beneath the wheels of a bland, coke-driven, narcissistic music-industry juggernaut. There's a fantastic cover-mount CD of current groovster bands and and article about medieval psych-pixies, Circulus (with the band photo to end all band photos) plus lots lots more.

Check it out - join the Shindig revolution!

Andy xxx

Spank Review

This review of Untie the Wind just in from the good folk at Heathen Harvest - not sure about the Beatles comparison, but we're happy someone really gets it.

BTW, we're in the studio today, mastering the new album. Expect an announcement soon. Excited? Damn right we are.

Andy xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Rima and Tui

Like many people out there, I think I suffer from a kind of temporal disphoria, the feeling that I belong in another time. Well, there are a few delights to being in the modern world, one of which is the interweb, without which we would never have found Rima Staines, the wonderful artist who designed the cover for Untie the Wind. Believe it or not, during that entire collaboration we never physically met. I found Rima, by accident, on myspace, and we did everything by phone and email. Such is the modern world.

But just this week, while on my summer holiday ramblings through the SW, I caught up with Rima, and her fella, Tui, in a sheep field not far from Chagford. Tui is an artist in his own right, making exquisitely crafted music on his laptop, under the name Orla Wren. They live in a beautifully converted, magic truck, all filled with puppets and clocks and feathers and stones and things. It's like sitting in a fairy tale. We drank tea, ate copious biscuits and chatted for hours about art and music and lifestyles and, you know, this and that. Very hard to leave and come back to the city (how DO we put up with street lights that turn the sky the colour of Mars?).

Both Rima and Tui, being the peripatetic hermits that they are, are notoriously camera-shy, but I managed to catch a shot of them in their delightful home, which manages to solve the dilemma of how to belong in the here and now, when all the while you'd rather be back then...

Oh, and did we say? Rima is currently working on the artwork for the new Bees album...

Andy xxx