Monday, 13 September 2010


Andy did a guest spot with young folk superstars, Kerfuffle, at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. You can watch them here:

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Watching you

One of the weird things about being in a band is that outside of gigs you have absolutely no idea who is listening to your music. I mean, we send CDs off around the world, but what happens to them then?

Yesterday I installed a statistics tracker on this blog, really to give us an idea of who, if anyone comes to visit: the blogosphere can feel lonely, like casting bottled messages out into the ocean. As the great Pink Floyd once put it, 'is there anybody out there?'

Now I admit that the amount of info actually tracked is a bit creepy, but it's fascinating to know that in the last 24 hours we've had visits from Milton Keynes, Vienna and California (hello!). It's oddly comforting to know that you are reading this, that our music is getting out there, reaching the people who want to hear it.

So thanks for dropping by. I'll do my best to keep posting.

Andy xxx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wheatsheaf Gig 20th September

Monday 20th Sept @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Pindrop Performances Presents:

Eric Chenaux (Constellation Records virtuoso guitarist and song writer)
Telling The Bees (Oxfordian drone folk ensemble)
Dead Rat Orchestra (experimental weird folk)
Braindead Collective (improvised soundscaping, touring new album Smoke & Mirrors)

Ticket link £6 adv (£7 on the door)

Eric Chenaux is one of Toronto's most prolific and respected musical iconoclasts, an experimental guitar virtuoso with over two decades of dedicated and diverse service to an artistic community that encompasses postpunk, lo-fi, folk, multi-media composition and performance (chiefly in collaboration with modern dance) and free and improvised music. Warm Weather With Ryan Driver is Eric's third album for Constellation, which has been the conduit for his primary song-oriented solo work since 2006. Building on his fruitful collaboration with piano/synth/melodica player Ryan Driver – whose key role on the new album is signaled by his inclusion in its very title - the new record is without doubt Chenaux's most accomplished and focused work of forward-looking, contemporary balladry.

Plus weird folk outfit Dead Rat Orchestra, Oxford based drone roots ensemble Telling The Bees and experimental improv band Braindead Collective, touring new album Smoke & Mirrors.