Monday, 20 April 2009


We've had these here videos done, shot during our recent Rotunda gig. By a stroke of coincidence, all the tracks are from the new album - a sneak preview in other words. Enjoy x

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oxford Recording

Last day recording today in this particular session. All songs are now down, ready for the creative stuff, fairy dust and overdubs. Last night we did the final song of the album, the full moon shining in through the window. Quite magical.

And here are some photos of what we've been up to.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back in the Rotunda!

After the success of our Rotunda gig the other week we're chuffed to bits to going back there on May 2nd. This time we are supporting local poet, Alan Buckley, who will be launching his first collection, Shiver, published by Tall Lighthouse. Believe me when I tell you that blood has been sweated over these poems - he's very good indeed.

There'll be performances by the Kate Garrett band, and two other top quality local poets, George Roberts and Joe Butler. Stephen Hancock will MC. Promises to be a corker.


We thought you also might like to know that Rima is on board to do the artwork for the next album. Even now her pencils are twitching and ideas starting to gel...

Oh, you want to know what the album will be called? Well you'll just have to wait now, won't you...


We're back in the recording studio this week, this time decamped to a friend's house in Oxford while they are on their hols. We can announce that there will be 11 tracks on the album - so far we've recorded ten of them, we're doing the last today. Then there's overdubs, mixing and mastering - all of which take an age but are the fun bit, without the tension and release of getting a good take. But the process has gone really well and we're sure you'll like the results. So here, to tantalise you, is a screen dump of one of the songs - can you work out how it will sound...?

BTW - the DAW software we use is called Ardour. You won't read about it in the music tech mags because it is open source which means it is entirely FREE - it is supported by Mac OSX and Linux. It does everything you'd expect of Pro Tools, Logic etc, and latest version supports MIDI and VST. And Colin is now a listed developer too. How cool is that?