Friday, 18 July 2008

Woven wheat whispers

Woven Wheat Whispers are no more, ground between two stones. So sorry if you've tried to download the album from there. You can still download from CD Baby and, hopefully soon, from iTunes.

But hey, don't you want the actual album so you can see Rima's exquisite artwork?


  1. hi

    Just wanted to tell you that I bought your CD from Woven Wheat Whispers but never got to download it before they closed
    This was as well as a few CD's by other artists
    at the time I wrote to you explaining what had happened and I also wrote to the other artists, and everyone, apart from one sent me a link to download their cd or sent me the CD, and that one was you
    this is a while ago and I wasnt going to tell you this but I came across your site and I thought I'd tell you as I did think it was a bit mean of you but thats your choice

    in any case good luck to you


  2. Hey Colin - only just picked this up - how annoying for you. If you email us your address we'll put a CD in the post for you xxx