Tuesday, 11 November 2008

So they will bring me honey

As you may have read in the papers last week, there was a beekeeper's demonstration in London a few days ago protesting at the lack of research being done upon the plight of bees. Bees are suffering from an unknown illness causing the complete collapse of colonies. No bees means no pollination, means no fruit and veg, means no us. Naturally this is a cause that concerns us, as all round lovers of the bees, greatly. You can read more about the demo here.

On a happier note we played a little gigette last night at a poetry reading - Hear the Word - at which we were all given a jar of local honey. Andy, meanwhile, was given this rather lovely book about the Life of the Bee. Lovely gifts, thank you. The keen-eyed among you might be interested in the other books on Andy's shelf...

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