Wednesday, 8 April 2009


We're back in the recording studio this week, this time decamped to a friend's house in Oxford while they are on their hols. We can announce that there will be 11 tracks on the album - so far we've recorded ten of them, we're doing the last today. Then there's overdubs, mixing and mastering - all of which take an age but are the fun bit, without the tension and release of getting a good take. But the process has gone really well and we're sure you'll like the results. So here, to tantalise you, is a screen dump of one of the songs - can you work out how it will sound...?

BTW - the DAW software we use is called Ardour. You won't read about it in the music tech mags because it is open source which means it is entirely FREE - it is supported by Mac OSX and Linux. It does everything you'd expect of Pro Tools, Logic etc, and latest version supports MIDI and VST. And Colin is now a listed developer too. How cool is that?

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