Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Big Green Gathering Cancelled

As you probably know by now, the Big Green Gathering has been cancelled due to intolerable pressure from police and the local council. Word is that this was a concerted attempt by the authorities to break the festival - read more here and here.

Whatever the reasons, I'm pretty pissed off. The Big Green is an unmovable feast in my calendar - a chance to hook up with activists, radical free-thinkers, green techno-shamans, artists and tribedelic musicians - the whole delightful, inspiringly ramshackle Green circus. My summer holiday too.

Doubtless the festival will be bankrupted by this. One can't help wondering if there was a long term strategy at work here - legalise the free festivals but gradually strangle them with bureaucracy. Soon the only festivals will be corporate brand fests. It stinks.

Andy xxx

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