Thursday, 17 December 2009

Poll, Interview & Stuff

I've developed a new compulsion which is obsessively to check the results of the Spiral Earth poll (what? you mean you haven't voted for us yet?) every five minutes - and the close is not till February. That's a long time to bite my nails. Seriously though, as the least known of all the bands, and the only band without any PR, management or distribution deals behind us, we are, realistically, the underdogs. Still, last time I checked - ooh, a few minutes ago - we weren't coming last, and I consider that an achievement!

Apologies to anyone who has ordered the CD lately and not yet received it. Our warehouse operatives are working night and day to process your orders - that's Josie, in other words, and the poor woman has not only got a babba to contend with but has also just moved house too. So we'll get them in the post just as soon as we can but please be patient. We're (literally now) a cottage industry, not Amazon.

And finally you can read an interview with me, Andy, here. Enjoy!

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  1. I downloaded it (because I'm impatient rather than eco-friendly!!) and just wanted to say that I love the new album ... even better than the first and it's just wonderful! Good luck with the poll, I've voted (ahem) several times ;)