Sunday, 16 October 2011

Duotone launch Oxford

Here's some photos from last night's extraordinary Duotone album launch gig in Oxford (I've got the album on repeat play and it is incredible). Not a TtB gig, but we all played in various other combinations: Colin Fletcher & Jane Griffiths, Wod, and Jane playing with Barney in his string section, the Quintones.

Nomi McLeod performed her stunning aerial show, Owl, to a specially written string piece by Barney. Here she is in the run through.

Here's Colin and Jane during their sound check. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but after eleven years and not a little cajoling from the rest of us, they've finally recorded an album. Think it'll only be availabe at gigs for the time being but I can assure you it's stunning.

Backstage before the gig.

Poet and MC Alan Buckley getting his glad rags on.

What's that you say? Looks like an amazing gig? Well, you can come and see Telling the Bees supporting Duotone this thursday 20th October at Bridport Electric Palace. Details on our website.

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