Tuesday, 12 April 2011

News, gigs and ting

Things have been a bit quiet, here at Telling the Bees HQ, but the warm spring sunshine is waking us up from our winter torpor and we're ready to take flight again.

So the big and wonderful news is that in the wee hours of yesterday morning, Josie gave birth to Rueben, her second son. Mother and baby are doing well and I'm sure you'll join us in wishing them both well.

This means, of course, that Jos won't be playing with us for some time to come, but we're delighted to announce that Mr Barney Morse-Brown, he of Duotone and Imagined Village fame, has stepped into the breach and will be playing with us this summer. It's gonna be tasty.

Our first gig of the season is tomorrow, at Lougborough University (tickets still available). Then we will be playing friday night, May 20th, at Wood festival and on Sunday August 14th at the Bell, Bath, as part of the Bath Folk Festival.

Not many gigs, I know, but in this alien world of promoters and publicity and managers, getting gigs as an independent band can be a thankless task, especially if what you do is slightly different and can't easily be slotted into tidy categories. So if you'd like us to play at an event near you or think that there's a festival where we'd be welcomed, then do please let us know, or even better, badger the organisers. It makes all the difference, believe me.

Meanwhile, do check out mine and Jane's side project, Wod, a trio for Brythonic dance, on pipes, concertina and fiddle.

It's truly heartening to see that people are checking in here from countries across the world, are sharing our music and getting where we are coming from. Thank you for all your support. We'll keep posting news and stuff here when we have it, but for more up to date info on what's happening in the Bee-related universe, do check out Andy's blog.

Cheerio for now xxx

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  1. I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing you perform again at The Bell on 14 August! REALLY excited!