Saturday, 14 May 2011

New line-up

Well, it's all change in this activated city (as the mighty Hawkwind used to say), and more changes are afoot here in the hive. We're delighted to announce that not only have we been joined by Mr Barney Morse Brown on cello (see previous post), but just this week Jim Penny (currently playing with Andy and Jane in sister-project, Wod) has stepped in to fill the hitherto unnoticed hexagonal-shaped, and indeed concertina-sized hole, in the Bees' sound.

We've only had one rehearsal as a five-piece, but the magic is there and we're all most excited. So, here, as an appetite-whetter, are two recordings made at that rehearsal. They were done with two mics placed in the centre of the room, so you get to hear everything from foot-taps, to string-slaps, to the occasional cheeky remark. The sonically-curious might like to know that the reason why my voice occasionally lurches from left to right is that the mics were arranged in a classic X-Y formation, and are consequently respond rather oddly to my usual bodily gyrations. Good. I'm glad we sorted that out.

Beautiful-rehearsal-demo by andyletcher

Wood-rehearsal-demo by andyletcher

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  1. What wonderful Magic! Man, felt like I was there. Look forward to more.